30 November -1 December 2019

Miniature Show



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"Ruby sphere" is an artistic event for everyone who is interested in miniature painting, open to participants of all ages and regardless of experience in the hobby.

Show and Competition

More than 460 works in a variety of genres!

Opportunities for everyone

All categories are divided into two formats. "Master", for experienced artists and "Standard" for everybody else.

Open Stands

At many competitions in Russia, the participants' works are hidden in glass cabinets, which does not allow them to be considered and make good photographs, you will not see this at our event

Invaluable experience

It is hard to understand the beauty of a painted miniature if you can judge only by a photo. So, claim an opportunity to look at them in person.

An event for everyone!

Have you never painted miniatures or are not confident in your abilities? Are you wondering what to do with your friends and relatives?​

Do not worry, everyone can find for themselves something interesting at our event!


Workshops by damned painters

Honored veterans of the hobby will talk about their techniques, share secrets and help find new inspiration


Look at the work of the masters

On demos, you can watch how different techniques are performed and also ask your questions.

Painting Tutoring

We will teach everyone

Did not find the workshop or demo on the topic of interest to you, or maybe you are doing your first steps in painting and you are tormented by questions that you can not find answers to?


At this table, we will try to help you in your search.

Fast painting

Try your skill

Want to join in a hobby, but do not know where to start? Or maybe challenge your skills to create a miniature in a short time? 


Here you will receive a miniature, paint and 1 hour of time for your experiments, and with your works, you can always go to the painting training table.



Buy new stuff, we will not tell your wife, you just win it!

Replenish the collection of your miniatures and materials at our marketplace.


In addition to the main exposition of the competition, you can look at the works of our artists and collectors.


And also see the master model of new miniatures from domestic manufacturers

Fresh stuff and Masterpieces

Become part of the community

Artists from all over Russia and not only

Take advantage of the unique opportunity to meet artists from all over Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and not only. 



Find yourself new friends or take the opportunity to not only look at the live work that you saw only on photos but also ask any questions to its author.

2016 - 2019 "Ruby Sphere"

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